model Arjes Titan VZ950



Capable of shredding light metal, car bodies, wood waste, plastic, tires and much more!
Quick change cassette system – allows for simplifed maintenance, replacement, or refurbishment
Available as track with diesel engine or stationary with electric motor
Hydraulically adjustbale side combs (can be ran open or closed)
Dual shafts with synchronous / asynchronous drive (500,000 ft / lbs of torque)!
Weighs around 82,000 pounds
Wide profile discharge belt with over-belt magnet
Wireless radio remote – controls all track and shredding functions
Automatic reversing function protects against fracture of the cutting tools

You can have the ultimate slow speed shredder in a portable package with the Titan 950! Grind, crush and shred ceramic, metal, wood and more – all from a single machine! Special shaft geometry positions material into the perfect position for processing, then secondary double jawbreakers work with breaker bars to help operators achieve a more uniform final product size. In short, the 700 horsepower VZ950 Titan is the ultimate universal shredder on the market today!

The VZ950 Titan is designed from the ground up to be the best universal shredder available. The powerful cutting and shredding action from the standard shafts, or the special paddle shafts help fine-tune the end product to meet your spec. And special spacers designed by Bandit can adjust the side combs to regulate the size of the material as it works through the shredder.

Rip, shred and crush a wide variety of material with the 950. No other shredder can handle as wide a variety of materials. Operators can shred metal waste, appliances, building rubble and even whole cars! Then switch to green waste and construction and demolition waste. You can even size your end product based on your need!

The Titan 950 is designed to be the ultimate shredder for every-day use. Low wear part costs, and easy access maintenance items limit downtime, and the modular design means everything is easy to access. Auto reversing functions protect the cutting and shredding tools, and large infeed hoppers mean operators can feed more material without as much much sizing prep work.

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