12” capacity
Large 20” wide infeed throat opening
74 to 174 HP gas and diesel engines
Dual feed wheels
Hydraulic lift & crush cylinder
Optional hydraulic winch
Towable or track models available

The 250XP model is the ultimate 12-inch capacity manual feed disc chipper. Since its introduction in the early 1990s, it has been popular with tree services and municipalities. Drum chippers are still popular in the industry, but the 250XP model continue to be preferred by many because of its powerful in-feed system, wide hopper, powerful chip ejection speed, and overall ease of use.

The powerful dual feed wheels are driven via a 32.3CID hydraulic motor that provides 4,480 pounds of pull power. A standard hydraulic lift cylinder easily shreds and compresses the material, reducing the work of the chainsaw. A large 64-inch wide profile feeder with a foldable tray is standard. For durability, we recommend an optional solid tray with sturdy rims.

Gas and diesel engine options are available at 120-174hp. All of these combinations make the 250XP the most productive 12-inch chipper on the market today.

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